About Jan K. Willis

Jan Kaney Willis grew up under the loving care of United Methodist Church Reverend Ralph Kaney and Edna McKee Kaney. She met her husband as a sophomore while a student at Winthrop University. She and Dan have been married forty-three years and have four married children, eleven grandchildren, and one four-and-a half pound long-coat chihuahua. Jan has her Bachelor’s degree in education from Winthrop and is a certified kindergarten through eighth-grade teacher. She is 2015 graduate of Christian Communicators. She blogs on her Jan Willis: Hope and Healing. She writes a column, A Gimmer of Hope, for Broken But Priceless: The Magazine, an online publication. Contact Jan for speaking engagements at Janwillis@sc.rr.com. Jan speaks with heart full of experience and passion on living with cancer, living with depression, and living through crisis. She also shares the keys to developing and keeping a strong marriage, the joys and heartaches of parenting, and living in a love relationship with Christ.